Salt Spring Island British Columbia – The Life Triangle Ceremonies

2013-08-16 – SaltSpring Island reserve your place at info thelivingchalicecom

Transformational ceremonies to awaken your Divine Human Blueprint and embody your life’s dream
(artwork by andrew Jones)

We are so excited to e you to te in this dynamic living transmission and recipe for you to bring the fullness of your being into awakened and embodied Intelligence

We will be ing 3 ceremonies You may attend one or journey with us through all three ceremonies
Opening evening Ceremony 700pm 1000pm 22
all day ceremony 10am 630 pm 133
Register for all three before July 31st and receive 66
They will be held at Ram Springs Wellness Sanctuary Salt Spring Island

For more info about the facilitator please Email info thelivingchalicecom

1 The Divine Human Recipe aug 16th 17th
Turn on your divine human recipe to create original life love Joy
Translate your sacred wound into your sacred gift
Return to the state of original innocence
Experience the infinite creative capacities of the authentic Self
Life from true essence

2 Journey through the nine dimension Sept 3031st
Be a clear and translucent conduit and transmitter for the divine
align within your place and part within the cosmos of the new Earth
Become a clear expression of Gaia and divine intelligence
Learn the language of feeling frequency and subtle energies

3 Dreaming your life into being Oct 4th 5th
Tap into your life’s purpose and passion
Ignite what you truly want and desire
Dream a new dream aligned with your Soul’s purpose

The preciousness of your Divine spark has been awaiting your presence over eons of time The authentic Self pure innocent pristine open curious and profoundly present to the magic of life is the ultimate that lies within These ceremonies will align you and give you living experiential moments with your authentic Self
For more info info thelivingchalicecomI also wanted to with you the outrageous synchronicity of these ceremonies aligning with one of the most fortunate of all astrological events as Mark Borax Soul astrologer puts it THe LIfe Triangle ceremonies fully coincide with the anchoring of these new precious True Love energies so come join us in joyously ting in anchoring and embothe happiness that sets our hearts free

Beloveds an incredibly auspicious rare and important astrological event is upon us now that is so potent it has been dubbed the Summer of Love a Grand Water trine is forming between Jupiter in Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio Jupiter in allow us to access pure depth of emotional feeling and act from our heart center Neptune in Pisces awakens intuition to new heights and allows us to truly see the path before us Saturn in Scorpio brings us face to face with what we may have been repressing or resisting and allows us to see hidden truths and let go of that which for the new to be born add to this Chiron in Pisces is there ing profound healing of old wounds with the salve of true Love We just recently entered into the Grand Water Trine energies and they will be building to a climax July 17th when Jupiter Neptune and Saturn will each be at 4 degrees forming a perfect Grand Water Trine one of the most fortunate of all astrological events The effects will be palpably felt through august with glistening ripples of magic sing into our lives long afterreally for as long we allow them to Be ready for an ushering in of divinely aligned ities for heart and soul expansion and a feeling of something Greater conspiring to bring you to your highest Truth and Joy That the Grand Water Trine is happening amidst so much intense astrology is truly the rainbow after the rain storm Surrender to the breakdowns that must often precede breakthroughsCompost your old hurts in mama Earth so that scintillating soul gardens may bloom let the divine feminine in all her sweet Mystery drench your being in happiness trust in the absolute goodness of this world as you jump into the river knowing the current is there to carry you and let your days be colored with magic and Love rule supreme

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